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Alert: Building Closure Jan.30-Feb.4

The Temple Beth-El building will be closed next week from Tuesday, Jan. 30 until Monday, Feb 5. 

Shabbat Services Friday 2/2 will be on Zoom.

Religious School Sunday 2/4 will be cancelled.

The Temple Office will be open remotely 1/30-2/2.

The heating system repair has begun!! Completing our heating project requires asbestos abatement. Like countless buildings of the same era, our building contains asbestos. We have always known that. All the science and even a scant web search confirms that undisturbed, asbestos in a building does not cause any threat. However, once the asbestos is disturbed, as will be the case with our construction, it must be either treated or removed.

We have engaged fully licensed asbestos abatement specialists who will ensure this is done in compliance with the highest safety standards.

After that, the asbestos abatement team must certify that the asbestos has been properly abated and that the air has passed certain tests before the area can be re-opened to the public.

Our contractor feels that the work will be completed, and the building will be safe to enter, by Thursday or Friday. However, out of an abundance of caution, we will wait until after the weekend to ensure all of our safety.

Stay tuned for more building updates!

The Building Committee

Tom Rosensweet, VP


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