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Prayer Resources

Learning Shabbat Morning Prayers

These are the prayers you will be leading on the morning of your bar/bat mitzvah.

Kiddush for Friday Night (Page 5)PDF File | Audio File | Karaoke Track

Beginning of Torah Service (Page 244, 246, 248)PDF File | Audio File 1 | Audio File 2 | Karaoke Track 1 | Karaoke Track 2

End of Torah Service (Page 256)PDF File | Audio File | Karaoke Track

Adon Olam (Page 321)PDF File | Audio File | Karaoke Track (Echo Version)

Shabbat Morning Kiddush/Motzi/V’shamru (Pages 300-302) / PDF File |Kiddush Audio File| Motzi Audio File|Karaoke Track

Shema & V’ahavta (Pages 114-116)PDF File | Audio File

Aleinu (Pages 282, 287)PDF File | Audio File | Karaoke Track

V’Nemar (Page 287)Karaoke Track

Mourner’s Kaddish (Pages 294)PDF File | Audio File

Chatzi Kaddish (Page 144)PDF File | Audio File

Use this link to help with Hebrew pronunciation and reading.

Learning Torah/Haftarah Blessings

Blessing Before and After the Torah

Blessings Before and After the Haftarah

Hagbah and Gelilah

Use this link to help with Hebrew pronunciation and reading.

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