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L’Dor V’Dor (Legacy Giving)

“…As my fathers planted for me before I was born so I plant for those who come after me.”

Talmud, Taanith 23a

When you make a charitable bequest to Temple Beth-El you are carrying on the tradition of tzedakah for future generations, ensuring that the work of Temple Beth-El will continue after your lifetime.

L’dor V’dor Circle:
Creating a Lasting Legacy

L’dor V’dor means from “generation to generation”. Just as we use this phrase when the Torah is passed from grandparents to parents, to a bar or bat mitzvah, we use it to honor those esteemed congregants who have indicated their intention to leave Temple Beth-El a legacy gift.

We invite you to join Temple Beth-El’s L’dor V’dor Circle as a way to ensure your values are inextricably linked to future generations. When you name Temple Beth-El as one of your beneficiaries, you will help sustain the many rituals and practices, spiritual experiences, and educational and social programs that are so vital to our Jewish community and crucial to ensuring the continuity of our people.

You may arrange for Temple Beth-El to receive:

  • A simple bequest in your will
  • Distributions from Individual Retirement accounts (IRA)
  • A portion of Life Insurance policy payouts

Temple Beth-El’s L’dor V’dor Circle members can benefit from free will preparation (simple wills only), donated by Irwin Rosen of Pollack and Rosen. For more information, please contact Thank you!

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