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Bioethics, Justice and Covid-19


April 15    
7:30 pm

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Join Rosamond Rhodes, PhD for a fascinating and timely discussion on ethics and justice in medical care. Register Here.

Join us for a lecture by Professor Rosamond Rhodes, Ph.D., who will provide a framework for thinking about matters of justice and will explain how this perspective applies to the allocation of medical resources that physicians distribute every day. She will conclude by applying her analysis of justice to COVID-19 decisions about the allocation of ventilators and prioritization for vaccination.
ROSAMOND RHODES, Ph.D., is the proud grandmother of Jacob, Benjamin, and Sasha Rosenberg. A leading figure in the field of Bioethics, she is Professor of Medical Education and Director of Bioethics Education at Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Professor of Philosophy at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and Professor of Bioethics and Associate Director of the Clarkson-Mount Sinai Bioethics Program. She has published hundreds of articles and chapters; co-edited and authored several books and guides in the field of Bioethics.

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