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Israel in Crisis

We are heartbroken, shocked, afraid and profoundly saddened as a people and as a community about the attack on Israel that began this past Shabbat/Simchat Torah, 50 years +1 day from the Yom Kippur War’s surprise attack. The horrific murders, rapes, hostage-taking and injuries of innocent civilians – babies, children, women and men – who were indiscriminately targeted by vicious terrorists are without precedent and represent the largest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust. Over 1400 are dead and over 200 have been taken to Gaza as hostages. We feel helpless but there are ways we can show our caring and support.

  1. Come to synagogue, whether for services, school or a vigil. Being together helps.
  2. Call and reach out to your Israeli friends, family, neighbors and colleagues. Ask how they are faring and tell them you care. This makes a big difference to people who are profoundly hurting.
  3. Write your government representative and thank them for their support of Israel and remind them of how important sustained support will be.
  4. Donate if you can.

Below are links to organizations collecting funds to support Israel in this time of great need, supportive resources and other related information. These pages are being updated regularly. If you have information you think should be added or edited, please be in touch with the rabbi.

Israel in Crisis – Donations

Israel in Crisis – Supportive Resources for Adults & Children

Israel in Crisis – Additional Information

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