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March Mishegas

Spring is almost here which means it is time to celebrate…

No not only Purim but 



$36 per unique email address to enter.

Why put your money in an office pool when you can put your money in a Temple pool?!

Deadline to enter is Wednesday March 20 10:00 PM

After submitting your contribution you will be sent an invitation with a secure link to enter the TBE pool, which will be using the CBS Sports website.

If you pay by check, it must be received by the morning of Wednesday, March 20.

The field of 64 teams competing for the championship are announced on Sunday March 17 at 6:00 PM

Here’s how it works:

  • The CBS website keeps track of and updates each player’s score. When you choose the correct winner of a game you score points.
  • Scoring is:
  • First Round – 1 point
  • Second Round – 2 points
  • Sweet 16 –  4 points
  • Elite 8 – 8 points
  • Final Four – 16 points
  • Championship – 32 points
  • The player with the highest score wins. The tie breaker is predicting the championship game’s final score

Once you enter the pool and your contribution is received, You need to reply to the link in the invitation. That will take you to the CBS Sports site. Click on sign up then complete the registration form to join the pool.

On March 20, the final 64 first-round teams will appear on the web page on which you will choose your selections. You must choose a winner for all 32 games. After each day of competition, the site will be updated with the results for each game. With each new round of competition you will need to choose yours winners for the next round all the way through to the tournament final.

After each day of competition, the site will be updated with the results. Winner will share the pot 50/50 with Temple Beth-El.

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